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Dud Muurmand

dancer, choreographer and teacher

American Tribal Style«
Bellydance Teacher (2010) **

Danish version 

DUD is a multi-talented artist within dance and the theater. She both teaches and works artistically with many different styles of ethnic dance: Gypsy Fusion, American Tribal Style«, Tribal Fusion, Burlesque Fusion and  Dramatized/Theatrical dance.


Her very personal interest in the dance also includes the historical aspect and the thrill of an artistic molding of the past with the future. Besides being an experienced teacher and perfomer, Dud is also the troupe leader of  "Tribe of Gaia" + and is the chairwoman of "tribaldance.dk". Dud frequently makes guest appearances at international festivals either dancing solo, teaching workshops or presenting troup work.


In Denmark she regularly appears at cultural events, but ever so often she herself is the organizer of different large and small venues: festivals, shows, theater projects, student shows etc.


Dud also constantly seeks more knowledge and challenges in the dance field and to keep herself up to speed on techniques and new influences, she frequently attends workshops or visit specifik teachers for private lessons. Some of the great dancers that have influenced her dance since the 1990's and filled her up with valuable background knowledge has been Wendy Buonaventura (UK), Helene Eriksen (USA/DE), Liz True (DK) and Leila Haddad (Tun) , Raksan (DE), Mahmoud Reda (Egyp) - and of course also recently Carolena Nericcio (USA). Dancers that constantly inspire her to do more.


Besides her great love for Modern Baladi/contemporary fusion, Afrotribal + Gypsy Fusion that has lasted for a long time and will never wear out - Dud has now started a new journey into the fantastic world of Tribal Style Bellydance. 


photo: Nils Djervad)

Since 2004-2006, she has begun more specific technical practise and studying of styles like  "American Tribal Style« Bellydance" (ATS«) + Tribal Fusion and Dark fusion dance .. but actually, already back in 2000 you would notice Dud's gathering inspiration from the American style of  tribal fusion style working with her own dramatized and fusioned dance style. 

In 2004 "Tribaldance Denmark" was established with Dud as the chairwoman and the first "Tribal Camp" events was organized in Denmark with workshops in ATS« + Tribal Fusion.

August 2010, Dud was certified in two classes: "General Skills ATS«" + "Teachers Training 1" with Carolena Nericcio in USA (founder of ATS« system and the dance troupe FatChanceBellyDance« www.fcbd.com )


Dud is therefore the first Danish dancer to be a "Certified American Tribal Style« Bellydancer Teacher".

In the fall of 2010 she went to Berlin to continue her studies within Tribal Fusion styles (Cross-Intensive Tribal with Sharon Kihara/Samantha Emanuel + Cifuentes). These studies was continued in 2011 with the third Cross-training week in Berlin - again with Sharon + Samantha.




The passion of all passions for Dud has been the theatre and the challenge and possibility of combining the oriental dance with drama and theatrical effects  with the purpose of telling a story.

She has worked on several shows and plays both as a dancer, actor and instructor, also outside the ethnic dance community. As a young girl before she started out her dancing career, she was studying with actors and theatre groups to get accepted by the National School of Theatre, but shifted her interest focus to dance instead  - but the drama never left her, and she has later on picked up more theater theory & practise from workshops and dramaprojects

Dud has managed and instructed four (oriental) dance plays based on her own choreographies: "FANTASIES", 1997 -  "ORIENTALIA 2000", 1998, "THE DESERT TOUR 2002" and "THE DESERT TOUR II 2004".

In the fall of 2001 Dud taught a long term workshop with the intention of taking the students through all the aspects that form a dance play on stage. This workshop finished with a small play called  "LUNA OBSCURA - LUNA LUMINA"  2002.

A similar project "VENUS & VIRGIN MARY" was launched in the fall of 2006 with Dud as instructor/teacher.

2005 - Dud produced her own DVD presenting her very special and entertaining dance theater together with the Gypsy Mystique Dancers.

In the spring of 2008, Dud presented a work-in-progress "DANCE WOMAN DANCE" in Malm° Sweden in connection with the woman conference at Skarabe. The dance production was done together with Gypsy Mystique Dancers.

And in the fall of 2008 Dud/Gypsy Mystique Dancers  presented the show "DESERT MOON SHOW" in Copenhagen together with Lela & Maher/Shams El Amar.

The duet "GaiaGaia" was the artistic cooperation between Dud Muurmand and Linda Thorsager. This new duet was formed during their working together in Gypsy Mystique Dancers - with a common interest in the tribal fusion style and theatrical dance. "GAIAGAIA" is the first professional Danish troupe to present Tribal Fusion Style dance.

2009 also emerged another tribe under the leadership of Dud - Tribe of Gaia, a group working with both the American Tribal Style« + tribal fusion style dance.

December 2009 - "Cyber Gypsy" a project with experimental dance performance webcasted live on the internet was the outcome of a creative colaboration between Charlotte Bank. and Dud. The project was supported by CARLSBERG IDELEGAT, THE DANISH ART COUNSIL + THE MUNICIPAL of FREDERIKSBERG

November 2010 - "Cyber Gypsy II - Matrix Expanded" a follow-up project was launched. This projekt was done together with Tribe of Gaia, elaboraring on the posibilities for webcasting dance performance in a theatrical setting for the internet. This project was supported by THE MUNICIPAL of FREDERIKSBERG.

Since 2010, Dud has as the chairwoman of Tribaldance Denmark been the main organizing power behind the festival "Dark Weekend Copenhagen" with a focus on dark fusion dance.

In 2011, another project emerged with Dud in front: "Tribal CPH" - a summer intensive with focus on tribal style dances.


NOTE concerning American Tribal Style« / ATS«

American Tribal Style« is a dance format developped by FatChanceBellyDance« / Carolena Nericcio (USA). For more info on the mothership, please visit www.fcbd.com

* FatChanceBellyDance«, FCBD«, ATS« and American Tribal Style«, are federally registered trademarks of FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. For more information, please visit  www.fcbd.com/about/legal.shtml

Dud Muurmand, DK: dudmuurmand@gmail.com   phone: (+45) 4017 2051